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Naruto Funko Pop figures adds Killer Bee Funko Pop

Here’s a look at the recently announced Killer Bee Funko Pop which also comes with a nice chase variant.

Check out more official photos for the Killer Bee Pop after the cut.

The figure is currently on pre-order for $14.99 and will also have a chase variant figure which has a different pose for the Killer Bee Funko Pop Chase Figure.

In case you’re not familiar with the character, Killer Bee is the host of the Gyuki aka the Eight-Tails beast. At the start of his appearance, he helps Uzumaki Naruto learn how to work with his nine-tail beast Kurama. He also acted as support for the future Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Killer Bee or Killer B is also the adopted brother of the Fourth Raikage aka A. A & B were paired together because their pairing are the only one that can successfully execute the Lightning Release: Double Lariat

This variant will feature Killer Bee holding a pen and notebook, a pose he usually does when he is writing down lyrics for his rap. This figure is scheduled for release September 2022.

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