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How to Create Link Building Strategies: Everything You Need to Know

The vast majority of content (94%) gets zero backlinks from external sites. It’s a big reason why 41% of SEO pros consider link building to be the most challenging part of search engine optimization.

Getting backlinks to your site is difficult, but it’s not impossible. You need to have a killer backlink strategy to get your website to move up in search engine rankings.

You need to create link building strategies that can make a significant impact. How can you do that?

Read on to learn the top link building techniques so you can create a killer backlink strategy.

Set Link Building Goals

Why are you going through the trouble to get more backlinks to your site? You might want to improve your domain authority score.

Do you want to improve your search rankings with SEO link building? Getting more traffic is another reason to implement link building techniques.

Understanding your goals for link building guides your decision-making in the rest of the process.

Do Competitive Research

Research helps you discover what sites may want to link to your site. You’ll find out what type of content works for link building in your niche.

You can do competitive research using link building tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMRush.

Create Quality Content

Your primary job is to provide link worthy content to other publishers. You can create content on your own blog or through guest posts on other sites.

Guest posts are good because publishers give backlinks in exchange for quality content. You can position yourself as a thought leader in your industry as well.

According to The HOTH Learning Hub, infographics are a great way to create viral content and get backlinks to your site. Quality infographics can take complex data points and turn them into visuals that are easy to understand.

Create an Outreach System

The key to a create link building strategy is the system. You want to have something in place that’s repeatable so you can generate results on a regular basis.

SEO success is a compound effort. Once you build momentum, it’s important to maintain it.

Your system should include research, outreach to other publishers, follow-up, and results. You can use a CRM in addition to link building tools to manage the process.

Evaluate Results

The final step is simple. Always analyze results.

You’ll learn the types of links you’re getting, the types of content that get links, and how close you are to your goals. You’ll be able to make adjustments as you progress.

It also tells you how to strengthen your content marketing strategy to get even more links to your site.  

Create Link Building Strategies for Better SEO

Link building is the most challenging part of SEO. This article showed you how to create link building strategies that are repeatable so you can get great SEO results.

Set your SEO link building goals and create content to get links in blogs. Evaluate your success with link building tools and you’re on your way!

Be sure to check out the other articles on this site for more SEO and tech tips.

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