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Unofficial image for the DC Multiverse Azrael Batman Armor from McFarlane Toys

Here’s a look at the upcoming DC Multiverse Azrael Batman Armor figure from McFarlane Toys which has already been “leaked” but not officially revealed on the McFarlane website or the McFarlane social media.

Check out the “leaked” image for this new Batman figure from McFarlane Toys down below.

So in the comics Jean Paul Valley spiralled so much that he didn’t dish out vigilante style justice. He decided that he should just kill all evildoers in Gotham City. This did not sit well with the Gotham PD so they turned on him which prompted Valley to updgrade his Batman suit to be more of a precise killing machine. 

Of course we know what happened after that, Bruce Wayne got his back fixed and returned to Gotham City where he kicked Valley’s butt and resumed the mantle of Batman.

No word yet on the official release date for the Azrael Batman Armor but given how fast McFarlane Toys are in shipping out, they could be out in three months to four months time.

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