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Secret Empire # 2 Spoilers – What’s That Now?

This week’s Secret Empire was kind of slow to be honest. There were a few cool moments that we’ll eventually feature but for the most part, the biggest “thing” that came out of the book written by Nick Spencer with art by Andrea Sorrentino was this. Mind you, here are Secret Empire # 2 spoilers.

The issue goes around between different POVs and we explore what remains of the Avengers/ Defenders in NYC. We also check on the fallout of the events from Secret Empire # 1. There’s a lot of things going in this issue including, but not limited to, spy action and a bit of exposition for some of the characters. But towards the end of the book we get these few pages. Its not revealed where this is happening as well as if its happening in this story’s present.

We just know that there’s this girl and she’s initially being chased by what appears to be the Serpent Society, then she’s beaten badly.

Wait, so who is this Steve Rogers? Why is he still dressed in those old war camos and looked like a poster child for the great outdoors? Again, I have to raise the questions (a) where is this? (b) when is this?

Secret Empire # 2 is out now in your LCS.

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