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Donnalyn Bartolome posts controversial birthday shoot with sexualized content, apologizes later

Donnalyn Bartolome is currently embroiled in a new controversy with her recent birthday photoshoot that may people think is crass and not well thought of.

Credits Donnalyn Bartolome

There were a number of posts that she has since taken down showing her in a rather risque post which is in line with her birthday.

The one above is the most daring and sexualized among the photos that she has released, the others are a bit more tamer but still sticks to her intended theme.

Donnalyn bartolome

Credits Donnalyn Bartolome

Donnalyn bartolome

Credits Donnalyn Bartolome

Donnalyn bartolome

Credits Donnalyn Bartolome

After a bunch of awful comments from male followers which really reads like a bunch of pedophiles, the post exploded. She later took down these photos and released an explanation on her Facebook which reads as follows:

It was an honest mistake, it was never my intention to enable one of the most horrifying acts here on Earth. 💔

I couldn’t remove my post right away because I needed it to copyright the photos to prevent the spread of it furthermore until I got a go signal from Facebook and other socmed managers, an assurance that they know I am the owner of the photo and they’ll help me correct this by taking down all of the posts involving this photoshoot. You may help us by sending the links of the post of anyone who reposted this for any reason at all. (via message)

Almost a million people across socmed platforms thought of it light and funny because they know my personality and didn’t look at it that way hence our initial reaction to the idea was the same.. but upon reading other people’s perspective, I completely agree. I feel terrible, sick to my stomach and had disturbing flashbacks I’d rather not say.

I was called crazy for being overprotective to all of my siblings, ones I took care of since they were babies. It has come to the point where I had to go to a psych to understand my actions because the level of protectiveness was quite extreme, all I’m saying is I’ve taken care of children since I was 11 years old, this was the last thing I would ever intend to do 💔

Thank you to everyone who let me know, especially those who did it so kindly, you’re the type of people who help me become a better person everyday as I hold the responsibility of influencing millions. It’s not easy.. but I’ll do my best.

While you’re here. I’d like to use this attention for those who want to help abused children.. There is a care-facility I was admitted in when I was a minor: Nayon ng Kabataan,
The children admitted there carry so much pain, you can donate or send them little gifts to make them feel better.

Thanks everyone and I’m sorry.

Many seem to defend the singer-actress for her post saying that she has apologized for her actions already. But there’s still a lot who are angry with the way things went.

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