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X-Men # 12 Spoilers – There’s a traitor attending the Hellfire Gala 2022

It looks like there’s a traitor in the midst as teased in this X-Men # 12 spoilers post as dropped by the wayward Sinister clone Dr Stasis.


Spoiler alert for this issue written by Gerry Duggan and art by Pepe Larraz!

spoiler alert photo

In this issue, we are following two stories, one with the ladies of the team going to the alien “Gameworld” to deal with Cordyceps Jones and his continued targeting of Earth for amusement. Back on Earth, Synch and Cyclops continue to deal with the mysterious Dr Stasis, who turns out to be a wayward Sinister clone, claiming to be the original Nathaniel Essex. This is also personal because it was Dr Stasis who murdered Cyclops prompting him to reintroduce himself as Captain Krakoa.

Cyclops manages to put the villain in a headlock with Synch coming in to assist. Before they could do anything, Dr Stasis triggers the self-destruct the lab to make his escape. Cyclops and Synch take out the rest of the bombs that he planted while Essex escapes to parts unknown.

Turns out he teleports to the Arakko moon where Humanity has already set up base, watching the mutants of Arakko (formerly Mars).

So who could “she” be?

Check out the Hellfire Gala 2022 cover…

And here are preview pages for Hellfire Gala # 1

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