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TRENDING: Tiktok content creator gets grabbed by Orangutan after ignoring warning signs not to get close

An Indonesia Tiktok content creator was seen getting grabbed and manhandled by an orangutan in a zoo; that’s after the Tiktoker ignored the warnings about going too close to the orangutan’s enclosure.

The video actually starts at the beginning with the primate grabbing the guy by the shirt and proceeding to lock on his arm and then his leg. Check out the actual video and additional tweets that give context to this incident.

And apparently, the dude went too near the enclosure which was he got grabbed hard by the orangutan. There was even a tweet showing the sign near the enclosure.

Honestly, you don’t need to be good in the Indonesian language to know that this is a warning. And yet, here we are with the video of man getting grabbed by a monkey.


He was lucky the orangutan didn’t break his arm or leg because a fully grown orangutan can do exactly that. They are that strong or so the comments say.

Here are some other comments:

Also there’s a sub context here about wearing Shein so it tears off easily. The guy would have been saved from the humiliation and pain had he worn a Shein shirt or so the subtext meant.

Love this edit:


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