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Somebody Did it! There’s a Milk Tea Cafe Called Mighty Tea *snickers*

If you’re in QC then we suggest you scoot over to this new cafe in Project 8 called Mighty Tea.

We’re so envious that they got the name for their business first. Like, it was all in the back of our heads at one point or another but nobody actually decided to act on the name for the business until them.

Its a goldmine for stuff and light hearted humor. Below is a sample of what they put on social media…

Do You miss Mighty tea ??
See you tomorrow!! 😍 April 20, 2019
Opens at 11am till 11 pm
Here are the most availed flavors,
Our house specialties, Mighty John’s favorites:
-CREAMIFIED by mighty tea


Batman would also be product because they have Ba-Tea (which is actually Banana based thus the monkeys).

I read somewhere in the comments that if you’re tea-gang, you may want to try out their Creamified drink.

This was so brilliant and so full of potential puns, I may have to actually venture north to check them out. The prices seem affordable too. You can check out their content and the actual menu on their Facebook Page and on their Instagram account as well.

Photo credits: Mighty Tea Facebook page.

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  1. Anon says:

    Have you tried it? They have one in Manila already, that may be closer to you!

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