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Oishi No Ko Cake Cans announced by Cake.jp

Akasaka Aka and Yokoyari Mengo’s popular manga and anime series Oishi No Ko will be getting specially designed Oishi No Ko cake cans produced by Cake.Jp featuring some of the show’s popular characters like Ai Hoshino, Ruby, Aqua and more!

You can check out the cakes down below:


The characters included in this special collaboration includes Ai, Ruby, Aqua, Kana Arima, MEMCHO, and Akane Kurokawa

What’s interesting about this collaboration follows the colors of the characters they are based on. The one with Ai is raspberry flavored cake. Aqua’s cake is blueberry flavored and the Ruby Hoshino cake has a peach flavor. The other three cake flavors includes the Arima Kana strawberry cake, MEM Cho Lemon Cake and Akane Kurokawa Grape Flavored cake.


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