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One Piece hiatus announced from June 27 to July 25 in preparation for final saga

Eiichiro Oda has recently announced that there will be a One Piece hiatus for almost a month to prepare for the final arc of the series.

Check out what the One Piece manga creator posted regarding this new One Piece hiatus.

Here’s a translation:

BREAKING NEWS: With Wano concluding, One Piece will be going on a 1 month hiatus from June 27th to July 25th so that Oda can prepare for the final saga

It’s already been announced that One Piece is going to end soon and that Oda is starting to make big reveals. Recently we find out that Monkey D. Luffy’s devil fruit is actually a super powerful fruit that’s even strong enough to go toe to toe with the dreaded Kaidou.

Update: Here’s another translation:

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