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Cosplay Carnival 2022 Tickets Keep Selling Out and More Than Triples in Size!

When Cosplay Carnival 2022 was announced and the first round of tickets was sold for P249, it took all of 30 minutes for the tickets to be sold out. Like Cosplay Mini Matsuri 2021 back in December, tickets were being sold at exorbitant prices, leading to speculation that scalpers had bought out the tickets to take advantage of the shortage.

Cosplay.ph, the organizers of Cosplay Carnival as well as big tent pole anime events such as Anime and Cosplay Expo, Cosplay Matsuri and, of course, Cosplay Mania, were quick to respond, securing another Hall and doubling the space of the convention to sell more tickets. At this point, the convention had grown from 1,815 sqm to 3,630 sqm (nearly the size of all Megatrade Halls combined.)

As the event date came closer, however, it appeared as if even this adjustment was not enough as tickets continued to sell, albeit not as quickly as the first round. Cosplay.ph quickly made moves to secure even more space, but the remaining Function Halls were reserved at the time, and it was unclear if they could be integrated into the event.

Fortunately, two weeks before the event, the reservation was cancelled and another hall was added to the event, more than tripling the size of the event. The decision was also made to keep the pre-selling ticket ceiling and allow selling tickets on the event date, with a price increase of P349 to cover the cost of the additional hall and logistical costs such as the ticket booth and added security. Within minutes of this announcement, tickets were again sold out.


So, what made Cosplay Carnival 2022 such a hot ticket item? Now at 6,380 square meters, it’s the biggest convention of its kind since Cosplay Mania 2019. It may be the confidence in the organizers after Cosplay Mini Matsuri 2021, the first live anime convention since the start of the pandemic, which was able to prove that anime events could return.

The big difference between Cosplay Mini Matsuri 2021 and Cosplay Carnival 2022 is that Carnival has fully embraced the trappings of live conventions whereas Mini Matsuri clung to a hybrid convention format. This meant that the event stage, live performances, cosplay catwalk and even a foreign guest, Plant Lily from Singapore, will be big event highlights.

Fan-favorite contests such as Cosplay Karaoke, Cosplay OTP, Cosplay Auction and Trivia Throne Throwdown will be paired with new activities such as Cosplay Dance Duet, and Frenemy Feud, Pick-A-Tune and Lights, Camera, Cosplay. The event will also feature a Pop-Up Cosplay Studio complete with studio lights and a beautiful backdrop and props for the first time.

Whatever the true reason behind the meteoric rise in demand for tickets to Cosplay Carnival 2022, it’s clear that con-goers are ready to return to live events once again. They’re eager to reconnect with friends and experience all the energy and exhilaration that are hallmarks of anime events that have been denied them for more than two years.

Visit https://cosplay.ph/cosplay-carnival-2022 for more information.


About Cosplay.ph:

Cosplay.ph is one of the leading cosplay and J-culture events organizers in the Philippines. Founded in 2008, it comprises veteran cosplayers and convention-goers, as well as experienced figures in the local production industry.

Cosplay.ph has evolved from its humble beginnings as an online forum for cosplayers into a premier pop-culture events organizer in the country.

Cosplay.ph has extensive experience from small cosplay competitions to multi-day international convention tilts and has partnered with the best venues and corporations here and in Asia to bring the best experience possible to the Filipino con-goer.


About Cosplay Carnival:

Cosplay Carnival is a fun and exciting 2-day event filled to the brim with exciting activities that highlight the many colorful aspects of Cosplay including Singing and Dance. Featuring a robust marketplace filled with enticing merch, Cosplay Carnival is an enchanting foray into the world of Anime and Cosplay for beginners and veterans alike.

Cosplay Carnival 2019 Reel

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