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Marvel Legends Thor: Love and Thunder Wave Leaked!

Spoiler alert for Thor: Love and Thunder! There are now a bunch of photos that surfaced online featuring all of the figures for the upcoming Marvel Legends Thor: Love and Thunder wave showing the looks for the characters as well as what the build-a-figure would be.

More photos after the cut.

And here’s a look at the individual figures; lets break them down one by one.


Still not a fan of the Power Rangers-y design they gave him for the fourth film. We did so long without the helmet and the mask that now most would wish it wasn’t there. But then again, there’s probably a plot point that this costume addresses like Thor hiding his identity in the galaxy.

Ravager Thor

We already saw this Thor from the set photos with Chris Hemsworth and yes, I admit, that I really thought he resembles Thunderstrike with that look. But apparently its his costume when he’s still running around space with the Guardians of the Galaxy.


I like this look for this figure but there’s seriously a lack of accessories for this figure. At least we get the long leather trench coat again.

Mighty Thor Jane Foster

I welcome and wait for the muscular waifu figure that is Mighty Thor. Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster returns to the franchise movies and is getting a beefed up role as the new wielder of the enchanted hammer Mjolnir. But the whys and hows are still a mystery.

Gorr the Godbutcher

Really don’t dig the look but maybe the movie version will draw closer to its inspiration. Still a bad ass casting for Christian Bale as Gorr; the figure not so much.

King Valkyrie


Korg BAF (build-a-figure)

Let’s also check the side for the packages because they sometimes never-before-seen art or photos for the characters.

So what do you think of these leaked Marvel Legends: Thor: Love and Thunder wave? Like it or not? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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