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Benefits of 60-second explainer videos

Some research on video consumption shows that the ideal is a 1 minute explainer video. Possibly up to 2 minutes without distraction. However, in addition to 2 minutes, you may lose the attention required to convey your message.

Why? Because explainer videos created in your video marketing strategy should grab the attention of users who are busy and busy with other things.


As mentioned in our other articles, videos have achieved their current success precisely because they require less effort to watch, they are actually easy to use, immediate and can be watched wherever you are and in any context of our lives.

So what to do? The standard length is obviously the most used. But what do you need in all video types and duration?

The attention of those who watch the explanatory video is important. If your message does not reach the end, it is impossible to contact your potential client.

Those who are already your customers get more attention by getting better information about your product.

Attention plays a fundamental role precisely because we often steal Internet users’ time when they are already doing something, be it entertainment or work.

The attention with which you press the play button is low, and we have to push the user to stay glued to the screen for one or two minutes, pique their interest until they watch the video.

For this, of course, we cannot take lightly the discourse about the attention of those we want to interrupt in their daily activities.

That’s why our company doesn’t want to force 1-minute duration on everyone. The length of the explanatory video essentially also depends on the occasions you create your video for.

An animated video of the required length, posted on a YouTube channel, can be fully watched by many more people.

Creating animated explanatory videos, think of contextual entertainment

It’s not just the length of the video that matters for efficiency. In fact, depending on the context and who your explainer video is for, it can be adapted. However, in all videos another fundamental aspect prevails.

The entertainment of the public is always the goal we want to achieve in any context. We want him to have fun until the end of the video. How to do?

Here we are talking about contextual entertainment. Animation, speed, sound effects, music and voice also play a role in entertainment.

Videos are often viewed with the mute option turned on, so it’s also important to visually communicate through the video. Our company does this by adding text to the video without distorting it.

When reaching out to those who have a specific problem, we must get their attention from the very beginning by asking questions and working through copywriting (through the text that we are going to use when creating an explainer video).

We then need to engage the user and visually entertain them with our video marketing content. Every aspect deserves due attention. Therefore, depending on the context, we choose background music through our sound designer.

We add sound effects when needed to grab attention.

The speed of the story we tell visually matters. We must not leave dead zones in the video. They can tire or distract the viewer and interrupt the video. Animations in some moments of the explanatory video help to attract the attention of the eye. This allows you to entertain him until the last second.

That’s how it takes a combination of skills to make an animated video effective.

In addition to being short and entertaining, you need to create animated explanatory videos that are also a little funny.

A boring video is more likely to not be watched to the end. A video that entertains a user is more likely to be viewed with due attention. Be careful.

 Funny doesn’t mean making a fool of yourself. It means making it cute and conveying the right emotions.


Short, funny and psychologically interactive. Here’s how to create animated explainer videos for businesses. Videos that convey a message heard and remembered from beginning to end.

Various professional figures take over the production of explanatory videos. Here comes another one.

Psychology within the visual concept becomes as important as other professional figures.

Explain Ninja focuses on all the basic and advanced aspects to integrate your animated video anywhere in the company. And wants to provide the necessary tools and strategies for self-made entrepreneurs.

It is a matter of alternating different concepts. Present different options. To make the human mind absorb the message.

We mean that we want to engage the mind of the beholder. In fact, we also want to entertain him psychologically.

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