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Russell Dauterman reveals cover for X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2022 One-shot with new designs for Magik and Wolverine

Artist Russell Dauterman just shared the cover for the upcoming X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2022 book which features main X-Men roster members like Cyclops, Wolverine (Laura Kinney), Synch and potentially new members to the team like Emma Frost and Magik.

Dauterman provided a few details and at the same time showed the process for making the art for the cover on his Instagram post. Here’s what he wrote:

X-MEN HELLFIRE GALA 2022 🥂❌🔥 Cover drawn by me and colored by @colornmatt — ft. my designs for Magik, Synch, and Wolverine!

I’m designing a bunch of characters for the gala, drawing the main cover, plus variant covers spotlighting my designs, and drawing a bit of the interiors! 🥂

This year’s event is a 72-page oneshot — written by @digduggan, with interior art by @kristaferanka@matteo.lolli, C.F. Villa, Matt, and me; Emma Frost design by Meghan Hetrick, Cyclops design by InHyuk Lee, logo designed by @hellomuller. Out in June!

More soon! 🙂

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Check it out the original post below:


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What do you think of the X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2022? Are we looking at the potential new members joining the team? Leave a comment below and

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