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New Poster for Reign of the Supermen

Here’s a quick look at the upcoming Reign of the Supermen animated movie which picks up after the events and the film Death of Superman.

Every comic book reader from the 90s knows this story. Superman dies at the hands of Doomsday and in the vacuum left behind by Supes, four new heroes who all claim to be Superman emerge. There’s the Man of Steel aka Steel aka John Henry Irons; the Man of Tomorrow aka Eradicator, the Boy of Steel aka Superboy and the revived Superman aka Cyborg Superman.

We also know how this is going to end with Eradicator getting killed by the less-than-heroic Cyborg Superman aka Hank Henshaw. Steel and Superboy end up becoming allies with Superman. Irons later becomes a member of the JLA upon Superman’s behest; he also becomes Superman’s main outfitter for equipment with his “Steelworks” business in Metropolis.

Superboy becomes a close little brother to Clark Kent, getting named Kon El aka Conner Kent. He also is the founder of Young Justice together with Tim Drake and Bart Allen. He sacrificed himself during Infinite Crisis to stop Superboy Prime and Alexander Luthor’s plans and gets revived during Final Crisis in the future to stop Superboy Prime again.

Anyway, Reign of the Supermen is scheduled for release sometime 2019.

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