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Kinsenas Katapusan Review

Here’s my Kinsenas Katapusan review which is directed by GB Sampedro and stars Ayana Misola, Joko Diaz, Angela Morena and more.

kinsenas katapusan

The movie tells the story of businessman Conrado (Diaz) getting into an elicit affair with his daughter’s classmate Beth (Misola). He eventually gets tangled into all sorts of blackmail and tons of love scenes. All the while, we also get some POV of Beth’s history of violence and abuse.

The film’s premise is pretty generic and straightforward and while it had promising stuff going on, it falls flat by the end of the movie; well not entire falling flat more like it will leave you asking more questions and totally unsatisfied.

We’ve seen tons of stories from R-rated thriller genre whether its local or Western and Kinsenas Katapusan follows the vein of those films. I liked the slow burn that they did here really slowing down to show interactions between our hapless protagonist and at the same time establishing how much of a hypocrite and cheater he is.

The pacing for the film is hit or miss. I actually feel like they pull out all the stops to make it exciting before, during and after love scenes like the office love scene with Conrado and Karen (Janelle Tee). The same thing goes with Beth and Conrado throughout the movie.

But where they really took time to craft was all the sexy scenes featuring main star Ayanna Misola. There’s just a lot of gratuitous scenes involving her and different partners. They nailed the casting for her as a “colegiala” too because she’s got this innocent charm to her while acting naturally in front of the camera during the more adult scenes. She does need more improvement when it comes to acting normal scenes. Some scenes come off as a stiff or uninspired but when she’s in the zone, she’s showing a lot of potential and inspiration.

Joko Diaz

I got to give my hat tip to Joko Diaz here who really shows us how versatile an actor he is. So many emotions and so many scenes. The guy can still be intense and there’s this ok chemistry between him and Misola in their more “spicy” moments onscreen.

While I’m all for taking down abusers down a peg, it would have been good if they put trigger warnings in these movies. It’s already 2022 and they still want people to go in blind and not think of those triggering scenes. At the very least it does give us an idea on what makes Beth what she and what pushes her to do what she does but its barely enough. If anything the film left me with more questions than answers.

Lesbian outta nowhere

Also the big with the lesbian love scene with Carla (Angela Morena) was totally out of left field, like there was no foreshadowing that this is what will happen. Just felt like standard softcore porn in these moments rather than a functional movie. At least that moment can give you an inkling on what the finale will be and as dirty as it sounds, they wanted to give us a “happy ending” to some extent.

Verdict: 6/10

Honestly it was a mixed bag for me. I’ve seen all these elements in the past from both local and international moments making the film very predictable. And the element that could have changed it and make it an even promising movie, was the one that took the backseat in favor of sex scenes. A bit of a miss for me. But at least we see how newcomer Ayanna Misola is as an actress and how Joko Diaz is as a leading man. Also gotta give director and the team credits for pitching this story because its got a unique flair to it. They also almost dropped the ball on why the film was titled as such; like they were already well into the third act before we get why its called as such – Kinsenas Katapusan.

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