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Hasbro reveals Marvel Legends Infinity Ultron BAF

At the Hasbro Marvel Legends Fan First event, the team went and showed viewers a look at the upcoming Marvel Legends Infinity Ultron BAF or Build-a-Figure which will be a part of the unrevealed and unreleased Marvel Legends MCU wave of figures.

You can check out the full image after the cut.

In case your unfamiliar with the character, he served as the main villain for the first season of What If, appearing to hunt down Uatu the Watcher in the hopes that he can claim his power. This version of Ultron not only succeeded in transferring his consciousness to the body of The Vision but also managed to collect the Infinity Stones across the universe. When he was done, he then focused his attention on the multiverse which set him on a collision course with Uatu (voiced in the series by Jeffrey Wright).

According to Ryan Ting and company, this will be the build-a-figure for their Marvel Legends What If wave 2 and/or an MCU wave of figures. They also added that the previously announced Marvel Legends Hawkeye Clint Barton figure…

… as well as the Marvel Legends Kate Bishop figure…

… will be a part of.

No official word yet on when they will be releasing the Marvel Legends Infinity Ultron but I’m definitely down to do an unboxing assembly video for this when its stores!

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