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How the X-Men survived Devil’s Reign – Devil’s Reign: X-Men # 1 Spoilers

While New York City mayor Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin has been rounding up the vigilantes and heroes operating in New York, the X-Men are safe in their new headquarters in Central Park known as the Seneca Park. Here’s how it went down.

Before the so-called “Devil’s Reign” event, years ago, Fisk controlled both Elektra and White Queen. Elektra he sends to kill dirty men while Emma Frost was dispatched to take care of morally upstanding people.

Around the same time she was asked to telepathically alter one target’s memories to acquiesce to what Fisk wants, Elektra comes out of a murder scene when she is witnessed by a kid.

This comes to play later in the issue.

In the present time, Mayor Fisk has targeted the X-Men in their base of operations known as Seneca Park. John Walker aka US Agent was sent to deal with the matter.

He attacks the entrance of the HQ with his shield but it is quickly deflected by Polaris who was protecting the entrance.

Later the X-Men emerge and deal with the police and US Agent with Jean saying they are not legally sanctioned to take down the base. But US Agent has some paperworks prepared already by the Mayor’s office.

He also brought in the rest of the Thunderbolts to make sure that they are able to enforce this order from city hall.

The team that responds includes Taskmaster, Electro and Rhino and there’s even a little bit of funny dialogue about Rogue finding out Rhino is working with city hall; even references their friendship with Rogue’s spouse Gambit whom the Rhino often plays poker with.

Back in the main story before the order can be acted out Emma Frost returns to Seneca Park with new paper work from the United Nations claiming the X-Men and Seneca Park are officially mandated UN territories and cannot be disturbed or touched.

When Fisk hears about this, he brings out his dossier on Emma Frost and the dirt he has. Implying that he plans on framing Emma Frost for the murder of the little girl witness earlier in the issue.

This is definitely Kingpin working on his A-Game right here a cool villain that’s part criminal mastermind and part brawler. Can’t wait for how the main Devil’s Reign story ends but based on the future solicits as well as the news about Marvel launching a new Thunderbolts book, it’ll be a long while before people can get rid of Wilson Fisk.

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