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4 Web-browser games to play when taking a break from Genshin Impact

Ah Genshin Impact how we love your current build but despite that, people need to take a break from playing this whether for a few hours or a few days. Here are 4 web-browser games to play when taking a break from Genshin Impact!

Penguin Cafe

Penguin Cafe is your generic “diner dash” game with Penguins, Polar Bears and more for characters. Like other kids games and “dash” type games in the past, you’re in charge of preparing and serving food for your restaurant’s customers and your penguin character needs to meet the grueling demands of customers. It’s a fun break because you don’t have to think of strategies that much and just click on stuff.

DC Super Hero Girls Food Fight

As the title suggests, this game is all about mindless food fight with a DC Comics twist. The characters that appear here are based on the popular kids’ show DC Super Hero Girls and you get to pick as several of the lead characters in the show namely Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Bumblee, Zatanna and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz.

The goal is to win by throwing more food at your AI opponent. Getting more food thrown wins the round.

Honestly, as an off-again-on-again fan of Jessica Cruz, its nice to see her in other mediums outside the comic books. It’s also great to see Harley Quinn in one of her elements, which has to be throwing pies and acting like a total baddie again. Just wish we had more characters in this game!

Teen Titans Go Rumble Bee

Another DC Comics related browser game, this puts you on the shoes of the Teen Titan member Bumblebee. Players need to use the arrow keys to guide her out of a puzzle which could crush her. It’s got decent graphics, cute sounds and spells fun.

Scooby Doo Sandwich Attack

This was a fun browser game considering the characters you would be using are one of the most famous “big eaters”. I’m also thankful that the site that hosted this browser game was fast and steady enough that there was barely any hiccups or lags while playing the game.

Like all standard “catch” games, your goal here is to collect as much of the falling parts of a sandwich to complete it. Not only do you have to catch as many tomatoes, lettuce, bacons and more but you also have to think fast. You need to have quick wits with you especially if you want to score high by the end of the round. Multipliers happen here when you stack two items of the same kind; like two tomatoes or two or more bacons. Even if you’re not familiar with how this genre works, you’ll also know when the round is ending especially since you’ll see a giant bread falling down from the sky.

At the end of the round, the game will calculate your score. Now all you have to do is beat your old record.

As I mentioned earlier, these are just some of the many games that are available to play FOR FREE at that! So I suggest, you really need to take a break from playing Genshin Impact and try out other cooking games and food-related browser games before you go crazy from all the Genshin stuff you’re exposed to.

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