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Where to Find the Best Stand Up Comedians

Stand-up comedy is one of the best forms of entertainment on Earth.  From clever wordplay to stories that let you feel like you’re learning hilarious gossip, stand-up is an important part of the comedy world.

These are the top ways to find a comedian to hire, and why it matters!

Seek Out Local Live Performances

Go to as many live shows as possible!  These can be stand-up nights at local bars or entire comedy shows by performers.  Pay attention to how many other people laugh at their jokes, how well they do on stage, and if they leave you wanting more.

A good comedian will balance all three of these and come off as a natural performer.  This can be made even better if you go with someone whose taste in comedy you trust so that you can gauge someone else’s reaction.

Check Out Nearby Comedians’ Social Media

Social media is important because it gets us closer to the professionals we want to hire than ever before.

This means getting to see live reactions to their performances, finding out their rates, and finding out if their personality interests you, all before having to talk to them or invest money into seeing them live.  Of course, it can take time to ensure you find the perfect fit, but it’s worth considering if this interests you.

Ask Word of Mouth

Talk to others in your area that you know enjoy a comedy.  These people may tell you who their favorite local comedian is and may guide you towards making an awesome choice in hiring.

Talk to multiple people whose comedy tastes align with yours, and discuss who they like before turning to google and finding these professionals to see if they’re available.  

Try Finding them on Local Gig Sites.

Many comedians list their skills on gig sites, which means you can find whatever type of performer you want by simply looking up smart keywords.

These terms point to the kind of comedian they are and give you the chance to narrow down who you want to find.  They also often have multiple ways for you to catch a short clip of the comedian’s work so that you don’t have to hire them sight unseen!

Ensure They Match Your Sense of Humor

Comedy has become incredibly polarizing in recent years, and it’s difficult for some people to deal with comedians they don’t find funny. Think about the type of comedians you like, and work from there.

For instance, if you’re interested in a Josh Denny type, you can even say that when talking to comedians.  If they’re not that type, they’ll let you know and make your job easier on you.

Comedy Is the Best Form of Entertainment

We’ve all been through a rough couple of years, so getting to laugh and have fun is the best way to move forward.

So whether you’re hiring a comedian for a birthday or a corporate event, find someone that genuinely makes you laugh: and go for it!  We could all use a laugh these days.

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