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Marvel drops more Destiny of X teasers for Wolverine, Hope, Storm, Magneto, Mr Sinister and Destiny

Marvel has released a bunch of new Destiny of X teasers featuring some of the top mutant characters including Magneto and Wolverine.

Let’s breakdown each teaser and what it could mean for the X-Men and the rest of the mutants living in Krakoa.


Magneto could either remain as the pillars of Krakoa and serving as a member of Krakoa’s Quiet Council OR return to being a villain OR just quit altogether and bring back his underrated black costume.

For Wolverine, he could either stay his current course and work with Krakoa either with the X-Men or with X-Force. He could also leave the X-Men and just assume the identity of Patch or in a truly dark path could become an agent of the Phalanx or the Techarch, who we kinda saw already at the end of House of X/ Powers of X.


Storm’s destiny could either be free from responsibilities, continue being the Queen of Arrako aka Mars or adopt a new a deadlier destiny.

Hope Summers

It has been a long time since Hope Summers played a really important part in the ongoing story of the X-Men and the mutants. In the good destiny, she could be taking over the vacated role of Charles Xavier wearing even the black overall as well as the modified Cerebro helmet (which could be the one given to her by Mystique in Inferno # 2), she could return to her life of a warrior which she was trained by her father Cable aka Nathan Summers or she coud take a more stronger role in the Krakoan Quiet Council.

Mr Sinister

Sinister potential destinies are also quite interesting. In one path he could end up being an actual superhero, in another he could take over and become the new king (possibly that of Krakoa) and in another a champion of Earth as a scientist.


The teaser art for Destiny aka Irene Adler doesn’t really change the newly-revived chracter but the backgrounds where she finds herself completely change. The good destiny finds her in a forest or a wooded area. She also finds herself in an apocalyptic enviroment filled with toppled buildings and finally a future that reflects what readers saw in HoX/ PoX with a Nimrod looking on and a very futuristic looking city.


So what do you think of these Destiny of X teasers? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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