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A Closer Look at the Nightwing Costume from the Titans TV Series

Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson goes through a lot for Titans season 2 and that will all culminate with him officially graduating from the title Robin and going by the alias Nightwing just like in the comics. And fans have already been hyped with this turn of events and DC Comics as well as the DC Universe streaming platform has given fanboys and fangirls a look at the new costume.

Dick has a lot of things going on, taking on the most of the damage both physically and mentally. He’s now going through a short redemption arc with the help of Bruce Wayne. And that was a very kooky moment too.

Check out the rest of the photos of the Nightwing costume that have hit the Internet.


Titans season 2 is now streaming exclusively on DC Universe! You can also watch the season 2 finale trailer which was just released today!

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