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My Husband My Lover Review – Kylie Verzosa, Cindy Miranda, Marco Gumabao and Adrian Alandy

Here’s my My Husband My Lover review which stars Kylie Verzosa, Cindy Miranda, Marco Gumabao and Adrian Alandy. It is directed by Mac Alenjandre and is now streaming on Vivamax.

It’s a standard “kabit” or betrayal movie which is pretty popular in the country with a nice twist here and there. Verzosa plays Alice, the wife Noel (Marco Gumabao) who finds herself in the arms of her lover Dennis (Adrian Alandy). When the cheating gets exposed, Noel drives Alice back to Dennis. Meanwhile Loida (Cindy Miranda) shacks up with Noel months later with a casual relationship. Things get complicated when the former spouses get into an affair, cheating on their new lovers.

Kylie Verzosa continues to show growth as an actress so far from her acting from TV series she’s appearing before and her last movie, The Housemaid. And unlike her last daring film. She pushes the envelope further. Now she’s doing more love scenes with her co-stars. Thanks to the film, we know she can do intellectual characters but it needs a little more fine tuning.

It’s a nice change of pace for Cindy Miranda too with her Loida character. She’s a dominating lady who spells out her core character in the first few minutes of her appearance in the film. She’s a woman who knows what she wants including her lust for Noel, the only thing stopping her from taking him is the legal ramifications of seducing him. Even the love scenes she’s in spells how domineering and “palaban” she is.

The two male leads Marco Gumabao and Adrian Alandy all have good moments here too especially that tempered moment where they confront each other. Unlike his previous roles like in “Revirginized”. Intense and plus points that there’s no “suntukan”. In fact its the opposite of a physical confrontation that happens at the end; something surprising in mature themed movies from Viva Films. The ladies confrontation could have had more potential but its kind of anti-climatic to be honest.

If there’s anything that makes the film weak, its the pacing and the transitions throughout the movie. Sometimes, its also too formulaic too. Also you have to commiserate with how unfair the situation with Loida. But at least they got a “happy ending”.

My Husband My Lover is also not preachy when it comes with how it pans out. Instead, it takes one of the many paths that lovers caught in this situation take. One thats more polyamoral in nature and will require consent from all parties.

Overall, the film is interesting. Its got nice love scenes, great cinematography, some nice lines and some surprising ones too and an ending that will make teenage boys blush.

Verdict: 7/10

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