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Arcane Funko Pop Wishlist

As we wait for Arcane season 2, I was doing a quick rundown of Funko Pop figures based on the series from Netflix and Riot Games and I wanted to do a rundown of the stuff I wanted to see if and when they decide to do an Arcane Funko Pop set. So without further delays, here’s my Arcane Funko Pop wishlist.

Just a quick disclaimer, as of posting this, there’s no word yet on there will actually be a wave of Arcane pops. So this list is definitely a wishlist and speculation of some sort.

There may be spoilers here also in case you haven’t seen the awesome Netflix series based on the game League of Legends so SPOILER ALERT.


So while there is an existing Jinx Funko Pop out there, Arcane is relatively new so there’s so much new versions of Jinx that can be put out. They could come out with a Jinx with her pistol or even Jinx with her fishbones weapon…


There’s not a lot for Powder because she doesn’t get so much dress changes. But her Funko Pop version could have the monkey bomb she used in episode 3. The same one that killed her friends Mylo and Klagger and ruined the intended Vander rescue mission.


Like Jinx, Vi also has a Funko Pop out in the market. A little hard to get by but its still there. I’m definitely wishing we could get the Arcane version of Vi, the same one who teamed up with Jayce as they took down Silco’s shimmer factory.

And then we also need to get a young Vi from episodes 1 to 3; its going to be the perfect partner to Powder.



I’m adding in Silco for this fictional Arcane Funko Pop wave because he was the season’s “main villain” and yet by the season finale, he’s become one of the most interesting characters.


Now there are also two versions of Ekko in Arcane that can be turned into Funko Pops. But for wave 1 I’d like it to be the Firelight Ekko version. Then there could be a Glow in the Dark version (because why not) and then we get young Ekko aka Little Man for the second wave.

They can even release a two pack featuring the fight between Ekko and Jinx.


It’s mandatory that we get Viktor if we are getting Jayce. Just because. Also it’s going to be a good thing to have a human Viktor figure when we get to Arcane season 2 and Viktor finally turns into this man machine hybrid.


I’m adding Heimerdinger here for this Arcane check list because he’s adorable. Naive but adorable and good natured. It would be interesting to see as well what he will be getting to when he started working with Ekko and the Firelight.

Here’s to hoping Netflix, Riot Games and Funko announce the Arcane pops already. Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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