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Heaven Peralejo rotation post gets fixed after going viral

So if you logged into social media and notice people mentioning actress Heaven Peralejo, we got you covered on the reason why.

So apparently, she posted a photo of herself on social media with a reference to rotations. Here’s a screenshot.

So what’s wrong with the caption?

She used the term “rotation” rather than “Revolution” in the first line.

One Facebook user comments:

Revolutions around the sun dapat. 22 rotations = 22 earth rotations = 22 days lang yun, hindi naman sya sisiw e hahahahaha

Some fans say it was a simple mistake and nothing to make a big deal of but there are still fans who are just looking to correct the statement. 24 hours since posting this photo here’s what you can see on her Facebook page.

Whoever is handling the page has already edited the caption from “rotation” to “revolutions”. Good job.

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