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First Look at Kamen Rider Century from Kamen Rider Beyond Generations

Here’s our first look at Kamen Rider Century from the upcoming film Kamen Rider Beyond Generations

The character first appeared in the teaser for Kamen Rider Beyond Generations which you can watch below:

Ukiyaseed reports that the Kamen Rider Century is a “mysterious Kamen Rider from 2071”. The suit for this mystery rider was revealed by Kentaro Maeda aka Kamen Rider Revi. He did the reveal in the special All Kamen Rider Grand Poll announcement program on NHK Premium in Japan.

Reports also state that the cast of Kamen Rider Revice and Kamen Rider Saber will appear in this film written by Nobuhiro Mouri and directed by Takuyaki Shibasaki.

Kamen Rider Beyond Generations is set to premiere this December 17th.

[Source: Ben77878871hiwatarihikaru]

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