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Firaxis Games announces Marvel’s Midnight Suns pushed to second half of 2022

According to several reports Marvel’s Midnight Suns pushed to second half of 2022 which was also confirmed by the game’s develop, Firaxis Games, who also did the wildly popular XCOM games.

“We decided to share that we’ve made the very tough decision to move our launch window to the second half of 2022,” Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ development team announced Wednesday via Twitter. “We know many fans were looking forward to playing the game originally next spring, and the decision did not come lightly.”

Here’s the Tweet:

The game from 2K Games and Firaxis Games was announced last August 2021 during Gamescom. The game will let players control of “The Hunter” who was destined to kill her mother, Lilith aka The Mother of Demons. Throughout the game the player will also create a team of superheroes from all over the Marvel Universe namely the X-Men and the Avengers. Other characters that can be used in this turn-based RPG includes Ghost Rider, Blade the Vampire Hunter and more.

Check out the Midnight Suns trailer below:

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