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Inferno # 2 Spoilers – Charles Xavier and Magneto brings in somebody they trust for the Council

Let’s take a look at this massive Inferno # 2 spoilers post which introducing the newest mutant to take a seat at Krakoa’s Quiet Council right after Destiny took a seat at the council.

Spoilers for Inferno # 2 by Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Casselli.

So in the final parts of issue 2 of Hickman’s Inferno story, Charles Xavier and Magneto decide to tell the truth to Emma Frost about their secret member and the foundations of Krakoa, Moira X aka Moira McTaggert. Emma is very displeased with what she finds out and storms off before saying that she will never trust these two ever again after betraying her.

Moira then says that they need somebody in the Council tht they know they can trust rather than somebody who is powerful.

So for the next Quiet Council meeting, they gave out name for the latest member to which they put a vote on.

It was already expected that most of the former enemies on the Council would say no like Mr Sinister and Sebastian Shaw and all the good guys were going to say yes like Nighcrawler, Storm, Kate Pryde.

Inferno # 2 ends with Colossus being revealed to be the latest member of the Quiet Council replacing Jean Grey or maybe even Apocalypse.

But can they really trust Colossus? Peter’s been through a lot since settling in the mutant nation of Krakoa and he’s also been on a sabattical from X-Men work. Worst of all Beast did a lot of things to him in X-Force which may factor into his change of behavior and thinking. He did have a lot of time in his hand. For the moment though its nice to see a classic X-Men character to return to the fold in a big way.

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