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Doctor Strange Supreme Unleashed Funko Pop Spotted

Here’s a look at the upcoming Doctor Strange Supreme unleashed Funko Pop figure from Marvel and Funko as it appeared in the Disney+ series What If.

Check out the other photos that have been posted on social media today for this fiendish looking figure.

The back features the regular releases for the What If Funko Pop wave namely Captain Carter, T’Challa Star-Lord, Hydra Stomper, the regular Doctor Strange Supreme and Gamora – Daughter of Thanos.

This one looks to be a new inclusion to the wave and they actually waited for all episodes of What If…? to air before they released this, most likely because this figure is a spoiler in and on itself for What If episode 9, which is also the season finale for this wonderful animated series.

For additional context, an alternate reality version or Variant of Doctor Strange went to town absorbing numerous mystical beings and creatures to obtain enough power to break his version of Christine Palmer. You see Christine’s death has become a nexus point which means nothing can be done to stop her death or rather her death is necessary for the universe to flow properly. Strange brought it upon himself to gain enough knowledge to go past Christine’s death and THEN bring her back.

What If Episode 2 ends in a devastating way with Christine being scared of Strange and he gets locked in his own little pocket dimension to forever suffer what he had done to his universe for the sake of bringing back Palmer.

Credits: FunkoPOPsNews

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