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What If Episode 8 Poster features Ultron Vision with the Infinity Stones

Disney+ has released a brand new What If Episode 8 poster which has ties to the previous episode which was a What If where Thor was an only child.

Check out the full What If episode 8 poster featuring the scary Ultron-Vision hybrid which comes equipped with his reality’s Infinity Stones.

And while we really dont know how this Ultron Vision character came about, we know where he first appeared and thats the end of What If episode 7 right after Thor asks Jane Foster out on a date to wrap up the episode.

The Ultron-Vision baddie opens a portal that looks like the one used by the Time Variance Authority or TVA used in the series Loki starring Tom Hiddleston.

Ultron also looks like he’s out to conquer reality too because he not only brought an army of Ultron drones, but also came along all decked out with the infinity stones.

This also came as a surprise for Uatu the Watcher because he was already breaking the fourth wall and talking to the viewers. This would probably also connect to What if Episode 8 and tell the backstory of how the baddie got the Infinity Stones.

Maybe he could be the main baddie for the entire What If series. We did see a lot of Ultron drones in an ad for What If that they shared to hype up the Disney+ show as well as in the mid-season sneak peek.

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