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Peter Parker retires as Spider-Man, Ben Reilly officially takes over – Amazing Spider-Man # 76 Spoilers

Today we go through some Amazing Spider-Man # 76 Spoilers as well as big portions from Amazing Spider-Man # 75 by Zebb Wells and Patrick Gleason which shows us that Peter Parker retires as Spider-Man and Ben Reilly officially takes over the role.

So we have been covering Ben Reilly’s taking over as Spider-Man in several posts and we never did find out how this happens. In today’s post we now know how Peter gets sidelined as Spider-Man and how Ben Reilly takes over as the role of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

It starts in Amazing Spider-Man # 75 when Ben Reilly and Peter Parker meet up, with Ben telling Peter that he’s employed by the Beyond Corporation and got paid crazy money to be the company’s version of Spider-Man.

Peter can’t argue or stop Ben from getting a piece of the Spider-Man cake but everything changes when they encounter the Hulk villains called the U-Foes, which has been staple Marvel B-list villains aping the Fantastic Four.

The two Spider-Men clash a bit but then work together to take down the U-Foes. They also look cool fighting together.

But then the U-Foes detonate a blast that gets both Peter Parker and Ben Reilly. Unfortunately for Peter, he’s not wearing enough protective gear to keep him safe from the explosion.

He ends up getting seriously injured and pass out.

Ben brings Peter to the hospital and calls both May Parker and Mary Jane Watson then makes a quick exit when MJ arrives.

Ben Reilly is grief stricken but is pressured to put on the suit to track down the U-Foes. He asks his Beyond Corporation handlers to give him an hour before he does the mission to take down the U-Foes. He then returns to the hospital to talk to Peter.

He arrives and asks MJ for some time to speak to Peter with the intention of asking for his blessings in becoming the new Spider-Man.

Ben is painfully unaware that Peter Parker may or may not have died. Although it looks like his consciousness has hidden itself away for the time being probably doing the same thing it did back in Superior Spider-Man when Pete’s consciousness hid deep down in the subconscious while Otto Octavius took over Parker’s body.

Back with the U-Foes, Reilly finally managed to catch up with them and is armed with the right gear to finally take them down and lock them away for good.



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