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Venom # 200 sets up the return of Flash Thompson

The return of Flash Thompson is slowly happening and Venom #200 gets the ball rolling with Flash jumping into action to save people from a violent attack.


Before we proceed, SPOILERS for Venom # 200

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After doing multiple meetings with various superhero groups including the Avengers, Captain America takes Eddie Brock for a bit of private conversation as he’s been actively recruiting Venom to join the Avengers. Eddie turns down the offer but gives Steve Rogers a suitable replacement for him as the resident symbiote.

Then in another part of New York, we find out that Flash Thompson has returned to the city but has not yet returned to his mother or his old life after his death back in Amazing Spider-Man # 800. He tries to get a cup of coffee but a violent attack on the shop by the armored group called the Guardsmen leaves the barista dead. Thinking that he’s the target, Flash suits up.

He then gets the surprise of his life when he finds out that the barista was indeed the target and that he’s actually a symbiote all along.

Turns out there were a lot of symbiotes that found hosts after Knull’s invasion in King in Black and that the government is actively looking for these symbiotes. They weren’t expecting Flash to pop out and attack them. And when they try to off the symbiote kid, Flash kills the Guardsman and flees the scene. But unfortunately for him, there were people who took pictures of him killing people.

This sets up an interesting run for Thompson who is already in the running to being added to the Avengers but will most likely be on the run after this incident and even be hunted by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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