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What If Funko Pop Armored Watcher

Here’s a quick look at the upcoming What If Funko Pop Armored Watcher figure which is currently on pre-order on websites like EntertainmentEarth.com and other stores online!

The armored Watcher form appeared in the tail end of Marvel’s What If episode 8 which asks the question, What If Ultron Won. In this episode Ultron gains the powers of the Infinity Stones after taking over the world and aims to “put the multiverse” to peace. This new goal also puts Jeffrey Wright’s Uatu the Watcher on the killer robot’s sights. This episode then shows Uatu running away from Ultron and going through different realities.

When he was knocked in the corner, Uatu unleashes his armor and tries to fight Ultron but it doesn’t end well with him.

Even with his full power on display Ultron nearly crushes his head but he manages to escape and dive down into this prism prison that Doctor Strange Supreme wound up in at the end end of What If episode 2.

Again, this What If Funko Pop Armored Watcher is coming soon and will be a Funko.com exclusive.

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