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Dark Ages # 2 shows a bloody good Wolverine and Blade team-up

In one cool moment from Dark Ages # 2, we find out that the settlement where most of the heroes live in have an awesome Wolverine and Blade team-up as they fight werewolves and vampires set to eat the people in the settlement.

So in the story, the cities that have managed to rebuild after the world ending event from Dark Ages # 1 often found itself being attacked by supernatural creatures that have become brave since there’s no longer technology and light that can put them down. This is the reason why there were heroes that worked together to defend the people at night. Daredevil has a new job as the spotter for the team. They also use Spider-Man’s webs to provide an early warning signal for these heroes.

In Dark Ages # 2, we find out that this team consists of Blade the Vampire Hunter, X-23, Honey Badger and Elsa Bloodstone.

This was a cool moment that we could want to see in a future spinoff series or maybe another project in the main 616 universe. What do you think of this team? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!


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