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S.H. Figuarts Eternals official images featuring Ikaris, Sersi and Kingo

Tamashii Nations has released a handful of S.H. Figuarts Eternals official images featuring three of the cosmic powered teams namely Ikaris, Sersi and Kingo.

The movie from Marvel Studios is set for release November 2021 and will be directed by Chloe Zhao. The movie will also star Angelina Jolie, Don Lee, Bryan Tyree Henry and more. Check out the trailer for the film below:

Check out more photos of these three Eternals in Figuarts format below.


Ikaris is played by Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden and has the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes and considered as the Eternals’ field leader.

Ikaris will come with eye beam accessories and a stand for those beams as well. He does look cool with the beam effects attached to his eyes.


One thing you got to love about the SH Figuarts versions of Marvel characters is that they look a lot better than the Hasbro Marvel Legends line like in this case Sersi (Gemma Chan). Not only does the figure capture the Eternal beauty of Chan, it also shows the chemistry it has with the Ikaris figure.

She will also come with a weapon and an alternate head.


Kingo is played by Kumail Nanjiani and based on his appearance in the various clips and trailers for Marvel’s Eternals, he’s become a Bollywood star which could also be the reason why there’s a full camera crew following him around. Might I add that the Nanjiani look they have is really good.

You also get an alternate head with glowing eyes, alternate hands and cosmic weapons.

Meanwhile the three S.H. Figuarts figures will stand at around 6 inches tall and will have a price tag of $60. According to reports, these three figures will be up for pre-order this week and will be hitting specialty stores in October! Hopefully Tamashii Nations would also release a next wave of these figures featuring Thena and Gilgamesh or even Ajak.

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