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Jolyne Cujoh Super Statue Art Teased

Jojo merch continues to hype us up with the impending release of Stone Ocean aka Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part and with that let’s take a look at the recently revealed Jolyne Cujoh Super Statue Art statue!

You can check out the full teased image after the cut!

It’s definitely a thing of beauty!

And here’s what they wrote regarding the merch…

[Illustration first public release !!]

“I will be free from this” Stone Ocean “…”

“Jolyne Cujoh” appears in Super Statue Art ‼

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6 Stone Ocean”


Check out the original post from Twitter

And let me leave this post with the current trailer/ teaser we have for Stone Ocean.

This series or what JoJo fans refer to as Part 6 is set to premiere December 2021 including on Netflix!

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