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DJ and model Karen Bordador acquitted; shares her story in new vlog post

DJ and model Karen Bordador is finally free and acquitted from a case that was simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She’s acquitted and is definitely free with no bad marks on her name because the courts had cleared her name. The whole process took 5 years. Watch the vlog below:

So the short story for this was that she was just going to drop some food and stuff for her then ex-boyfriend in his condo when the authorities went in to arrest her boyfriend. Since she was in the scene, police brought her in.

And her sister’s a friend of the website so I’m extra happy.

And you can really see that her youtube channel’s empty for the past five years, with this new video being the first upload in years. Hopefully she can tell her stories and share experiences too in the suceeding vlog episodes.

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