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McFarlane Toys Hazmat Suit Batman coming with regular and Gold Label versions

It’s been recently revealed that the upcoming McFarlane Toys Hazmat Suit Batman will be coming out with two versions in the market.

According to The Voice of Reason Facebook page, there will be two versions out namely the regular one based on Bats’ appearance in the Justice League Amazo story in the New 52…

It’s going to be priced at $19.99 and will have a regular bat logo in it’s chest.

Then there’s the Gold Label McFarlane Toys Hazmat Suit Batman which will be priced at $29.99 with the biggest difference is the Dark Knight having a glowing chest piece.

The light up chest version will be exclusively available at Target so this could pose as a problem for Filipino toy collectors or Pinoy Batman collectors.

Still it’s nice that the DC Multiverse toyline offers this level of choice for consumers and fanboys. Hopefully we get to see other DC Comics characters outside of the usual Batman and Superman variations.

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