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Joshua Williamson taking over Batman with new suit and new villain named Abyss

DC Comics has officially announced that after James Tynion IV wraps up his ongoing story, Joshua Williamson will be taking over for the main Batman book.

So according to reports, Williamson who is also currently doing Infinite Frontier will be taking over the book for an unspecified amount of issues. Williamson and DC also revealed a cover for Batman # 118 and Batman # 119. Check out the two covers below.

Batman is going to be leaving Gotham City but before he does so, he needs to take down a new villain called Abyss. He’s even getting a new costume that’s very similar to his Batman Inc costume with a bit of his New 52 Justice League suit. That’s the cover for 118.

Then for Batman # 119 we get a cover featuring the new villain Abyss…

The new villain is pretty interesting to look at. Hope he’s not a one and done villain.

The artist for the new creative team would also be Jorge Molina.

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