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The Scarlet Witch is in between life and death – X-Men: The Trial of Magneto # 1

Spoilers for X-Men: Trial of Magneto # 1 by Leah Williams and Lucas Werneck. We take a look at the real status of Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch.

So while the X-Men, X-Force and X-Factor are solving the murder of Magneto’s daughter aka Scarlet Witch as well as capturing him, there’s something happening behind the scenes where it seems like Wanda is going through something as well.

Trial of magneto # 1

Trial of magneto # 1

Trial of magneto # 1

So the mutant resurrection protocol may not work here at all because her spirit has not yet moved from this plain. Also goes to show how powerful “the pretender” is.

Also the bigger mystery here is who is playing with Wanda’s soul or mortality. Who is powerful enough to go and stop her from passing. Maybe Doctor Doom’s again perhaps?

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