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My Hero Academia chapter 323 – UA High’s defensive measures promises a mecha of sorts

The latest My Hero Academia chapter, My Hero Academia chapter 323 reveals that UA High has some big defensive measures now that they intend to protect Izuku Midoriya aka Deku.

There will be spoilers below so SPOILER ALERT…

So according to the Principal Nezu, they have taken the necessary steps to keep the civilians and students safe from the villains who plan on taking Deku and One for All.

So aside from the high level of fortification of UA, its also been revealed that the school will be having different parts that can separate and move depending in the situation. These parts will take different routes and also connect with other schools to bolster their numbers.

They also pretty much equipped the school with a computer that will be able to think independently.

And when asked who funded this whole upgrade to the school, principal Nezu admits that he bankrolled the whole beefing up of the school.

MHA chapter 323 paints a clearer picture on how rich dear old Principal Nezu really is, and how his quirk (high spec) comes in handy with big situations like this. Although I do wish to see him take on baddies minus those nasty cranes he used during the early parts of the story.

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