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Batman vs Captain America

In JLA/Avengers # 2 by Kurt Busiek and George Perez, we finally get a Batman vs Captain America fight although it was a really short fight with both fighters really showing how good they are at hand to hand combat.

This happened in issue 2 when the Avengers finally meet the JLA. Prior to this both teams were tasked to collect different items of powers from the opposing universe. When the Avengers were transported to the DC Universe, they are confronted by the Justice League and when talking did not work the two teams fight.

Captain America separates himself from the team and encounters Batman in the shadows. Batman apparently is stepping on Captain America’s shield and means to fight the Star Spangled Man with a Plan via hand to hand.

And what follows is something that fans from both DC Comics and Marvel Comics have been waiting to see for years Batman vs Captain America.

Usually many fans would say that this fight would be a cop out compared to the other fights that transpired between DC Comics characters and Marvel U characters but you also have to understand that these two are fundamentally good guys and fighting and hurting each other would not be good for any party.

The two quickly decide on a team-up and we don’t see them for a number of pages.

The next thing we see of Batman and Captain America is when the two are strategizing in the Bat-Cave with Rogers looking at Jason Todd’s Robin costume on display in the cave while Batman does his research on Metron and the Grandmaster.


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