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The Ghost Rider Funko Pop! Rides will be the Greatest Thing You’ll See Today

Here’s a look at the Ghost Rider Funko Pop! Rides which depicts the Spirit of Vengeance in his trademark motorcycles.

The good news is that the Ghost Rider Funko Pop! Rides figure will come in two versions. One is the regular version that looks pretty badass with Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze Danny Ketch.


The second version, the one I consider as the “pricier” one is the glow-in-the-dark Ghost Rider Funko Pop! Rides.

But upon further examination, I realized that both versions would be expensive here in the Philippines because of the PX Preview sticker. Exclusivity be damned.

Also wait, I could be wrong with the Danny Ketch remark earlier as there are some friends who claim that this is Johnny Blaze. However I distinctly remember Blaze having a different costume from his younger brother.

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