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Thirteen Reasons Why You Should Be Watching “Boyfriend No. 13” on WeTV

Do you believe in destiny? The lovestruck Kimverly Santillan (Sue Ramirez) certainly does as she continues on in her pursuit of “The One” in the WeTV Original romantic comedy series Boyfriend No. 13. Where do things stand between Kim, Doc Don (JC De Vera) and Bob (JC Santos)? You can now stream all eight nakaka-in love episodes of the show on WeTV for FREE!

If you’re still asking why you need to be watching this offbeat crazy funny series about getting lucky in love, then we’ve rounded up 13 reasons on why you need to get on this bandwagon real fast. You’ll be clicking “Watch Now” sooner than you can say swerte!

If you’re still asking why you need to be watching this offbeat crazy funny series about getting lucky in love, then we’ve rounded up 13 reasons on why you need to get on this bandwagon real fast. You’ll be clicking “Watch Now” sooner than you can say swerte!

  1. You’ll learn tips on how to manage “work-life-love” balance. – Brian Sy (Joash)

As Bob’s level- headed cousin and head of the publishing house they all work for, Joash plays counterpoint to the crazy plan that Kim and Bob try to pull-off before it turns into a trainwreck.


  1. Kasi pwede mong i-imagine na pinag-aagawan ka ng dalawang pogi kahit naglulupasay ka na sa ka “singelan” – Jing Saavedra (Host, WeTV SanaOl on Kumu)

In short, this show has got all the feels! With each episode, you can’t help but feel kilig as  Don and Bob are both great catches! As Jing puts it, “Ikakaganda siya ng buhay mo dahil ang popogi ng bida!”

  1. Kasi lahat tayo kailangan ngEcho sa buhay natin na hahambalusin ka kapag masyado kang nadala sa pag-ibig. – Phi Palmos (Echo)

Pag-ibig, pag ‘nasok sa puso nino man, hahamakin ang lahat, masunod ka lamang,” goes that famous line from Florante At Laura. Echo is that friend who makes sure Kim doesn’t go astray, with perfect comedic timing.

  1. We all want to have a friend like Manet who will give us unconditional support, but is not afraid to say “Although…” even if it hurts. – Hershey Neri (Manet)

Manet is idealistic and supportive, especially when it comes to love, but she’s willing to knock some sense into Kim when things start to go awry.

  1. Right blend ng kilig at tawa na nakakagood vibes! Bentang-benta sa akin ang script lalo yung mga punchlines. Tawang tawa ako habang kinikilig kay Bob at Don (Naku ha, sana all Kim!) – @CJSaysBlog
  2. Sue did a tremendous job here. Bagay na bagay sa kanya yung Napakagaan lang panoorin, comportable siyang magpaka-wacky sacamera. And the romantic element of the series actually works well. Mahuhusay at likeable kasi yung mga actors. –@MagandaBaMovie  
  3. “The cast, characters, place – pak na pak. Yung stories, kulitan, asaran, kilig, family, friends…mga nakagisnan natin dito sa Pinasandito sa Boyfriend No. 13. As a C-Drama lover, masasabi kong one of the best rom-com  – @VinaValentin24, WeTV super fan
  4. Lahat tayo, gustoma-in love. This show reminds us that tadhana has a plan of its own. Kapit lang, besh! – John “Sweet” Lapus (director)

Everyone needs a feel good story when love conquers all. This is the feel-good show everyone needs to see…now.

  1. Takot Lang Masaktan, the show’s official theme song, is majorly LSS-worthy. Ang galing kumanta ni Sue!  – Raf (WeTV)

We already know what an amazing actress Sue is, but this girl has got quite the vocal chops too! Listen up and we guarantee it will be playing in your head all day long. Catch the official lyric video on the WeTV social media and YouTube accounts.

  1. The two handsome leading men both happen to be called “JC.” – John “Sweet” Lapus (director)

Now, this was serendipity! When casting began, Sue Ramirez and JC Santos were a shoo-in, but Direk Sweet wanted a picture-perfect actor to play Don. JC De Vera was tops on his list. As he put it, many casting directors avoided putting the two guys together because of their names, but he knew the pairing would work well for the show.

  1. Because you don’t want to miss out on “The Bob Experience.” Tutuka ka ba? – JC Santos (Bob)

JC Santos says these lines as part of his “pitch” to be Kim’s Boyfriend No. 13, paving the way to her soulmate. What is “The Bob experience” is all about? Tumuka ka na to find out.

  1. Doc Don is the perfect guy in Kim’s eyes. In her mind, she is the happiest when she is with him.   – JC De Vera (Don)

As the man destiny has chosen for her, Kim is convinced that Don is the one who will make her the happiest. Not to mention, viewers get to see JC as Kim does – with his shirt off.

  1. Kim is the expert on all things swerte sa pag-ibig! Naka-12 boyfriends siya because of that? Watch and learn! – Sue Ramirez (Kim)

Yup, Kim has had 12 boyfriends, each of whom she broke up with based on one superstitious belief or another. Now she’s using every pamahiin in the book to make she gets past unlucky no. 13 and on the road to true love.

You can now binge watch all episodes of Boyfriend No. 13 on WeTV for FREE and find out how Kim works with or against tadhana to get to THE ONE.

To stream Boyfriend No. 13 and other WeTV Originals and the very best in Asian Premium Content, original series, Filipino shows and anime, just download the WeTV and iflix app from the App store and Google Play, and start watching! A monthly subscription rings in at only P59, quarterly at P159, and an annual subscription is only P599 for recurring subscriptions, while a one-month pass is only P149.


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