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Fans and WWE Superstars react to WWE Bray Wyatt release

In case you missed it, the WWE has officially announced the Bray Wyatt release on social media much to the surprise of fans and the entire wrestling community!

The news was a big shock to fans and wrestlers alike. But according to reports the termination of Wyatt’s contract was already in the works as early as the last mass releases by the company. Sadly though Bray Wyatt and his new alter ego The Fiend was supposed to return to TV this month. Here’s a screenshot on Twitter of WWE’s announcement of Bray Wyatt’s release from the company.

So now many WWE superstars shared their thanks and appreciation to the former champion and one of the sons of the legendary wrestler IRS or Irwin R Schyster (his brother is former NXT champion Bo Dallas).

Alexa Bliss, who was Wyatt’s conspirator in a recent storyline was grateful for the time that they shared offscreen and onscreen.

Meanwhile Braun Strowman (who was also recently released by WWE and is serving a non-compete) was happy with the release.

Mick Foley aka Mankind/ Cactus Jack also weighed in on the release

Also there’s this ongoing meme with Randy Orton and the people that’s been goin to AEW after their matches which is hilarious and just coincidental.

Fans on Twitter were also quick to point that all of the people on these photos are no longer part of WWE

And that all of the members of the Wyatt Family are also no longer wrestling for Vince McMahon…

This funny meme showing the release of Vince McMahon has also surfaced with Wyatt’s firing…

Batista’s words also rings true now more than ever.

AEW and Kenny Omega are already looking around now we figre…

Here’s to hoping that Wyatt and The Fiend find a new place to work and showcase his talents. Hopefully he holds the rights to The Fiend character and not release it to VKM because we could be seeing the second coming of Fake Razor Ramon and Fake Diesel…

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