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Infinite Frontier introduces a new Black Lantern Roy Harper

DC Comics is currently putting former Green Arrow sidekick Roy Harper aka Arsenal though the ringer in the ongoing Infinite Frontier which turned Roy into the Black Lantern Roy Harper.

In Infinity Frontier # 1 by Joshua Williamson and Xermanico, we find out that Roy is keeping a low profile after his resurrection after the events of Dark Nights Death Metal. He hasn’t reached out to his friend and mentor Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow.

Roy Harper in Infinite Frontier

Roy Harper in Infinite Frontier

He does however get attacked in a diner where he’s having taking a break by this group of futuristic and heavily armed people intent on taking him by force.

Roy puts up a fight but without his weapons, he’s outmatched by these attackers. That’s when a new power kicks and saves the day.

Roy then realizes what’s happened, much to his surprise he has become Black Lantern Roy Harper complete with black constructs of his past superhero IDs like Speedy, Red Arrow and Arsenal.

Black Lantern Roy Harper

Black Lantern Roy Harper

In Infinity Frontier # 2 it’s then revealed that Roy was chosen by Darkseid (now referred to as Finite Darkseid) or somebody working with him.

It’s also either implied or just baiting Arsenal to believe that his daughter Lian is alive again after the reality reset. Roy also learns that using the Black ring could put him on zombie mode which brings him into outer space without his knowledge.

Black Lantern Roy Harper zombie mode

It’s nice that DC is now telling stories about their past crossover eventsike Blackest Night where we first encounter the Black Lantern Corps who served Nekron. It’s also. Ice to have a character as flawed and damaged as Arsenal aka Roy Harper get a stab at stardom in this limited series. And hopefully we get to see him reunite with his daughter Liam (who died in Justice League: Cry for Justice)…

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