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Finite Darkseid kills the Spectre and other powerful beings in Infinite Frontier # 0

The most powerful version of DC’s biggest baddie just got an upgrade and is now referred to as Finite Darkseid and he’s willing to play the long game to ensure the he wins. Here’s a look at that time Finite Darkseid kills the Spectre in the epilogue of DC Comics’ Infinite Frontier # 0 with art by John Romita Jr.

Spoilers for Infinite Frontier # 0.

So by the end of this issue, Wonder Woman has chosen not to join this group of cosmic beings and instead remain as a silent watcher to her friends and new heroes around the DC Universe. She decides that its best to watch over them secretly after The Spectre accompanies her to see what the new future would bring to her family and friends like the Justice League rebuilding and adding new faces to their ranks like Black Adam and Naomi.

Diana leaves and the elders discuss what their future brings. They mention something about Earth Omega, a place where they keep all of the nastiest beings in the universe. But before they disband and go their own ways, some tendrils shoot out and kill most of these beings…

On Phantom Stranger and the Spectre survive the first attack; but before they can even react, they are also killed. Its there that Finite Darkseid kills the Spectre and other cosmic entities and reveal that’s really back.

Man this should be good.

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