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Batfleck stunt double spotted in The Flash set with batcycle

So while we all know that Ben Affleck’s Batman will be making an appearance  in The Flash movie directed by Andy Muschietti, we were only expecting a scene or two and in Bruce Wayne person. But new photos taken from the set of The Flash just shot scenes with a stuntman wearing the Batfleck/ Batman costume riding a Batcycle.

batfleck batcycle the flash

More photos after the cut!

This follows the aesthetics of the Batfleck which we’ve seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

These scenes if they will really be confirmed for The Flash movie will also be a good way of bringing back Ben Affleck as Batman, maybe as a farewell to the character who was once going to have his own solo movie also directed by Affleck. That of course transformed into The Batman movie directed by Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson as the young and inexperienced Batman.

Last photo we have is a close up of the Batfleck stuntman on the set of The Flash. This shot gives us a good idea of what the costume for Affleck’ Batman would be like when we see his scenes play out in the film.

That cowl alone is a very telling sign that it’s the Justice League Batman. But maybe there’s also a twist here. Maybe this could be the tail end of the film and this was an adaptation of the ending of Geoff Johns’ Flashpoint book when Flash and Batman met and Barry gave Thomas Wayne’s letter to Bruce…

The Flash will star Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle and Ben Affleck.

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