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Marauders # 22 Spoilers

Here’s a Marauders # 22 spoilers post written by Gerry Duggan with art by Matteo Lolli and Klaus Janson. And its the aftermath of the Hellfire Gala. Cover art seen below done by Russell Dauterman!

In this issue, there are a few rather dark topics that gets tackled. When the Stepford Cuckoos return to Earth from their party in Mars / Planet Arakko, they encounter one of those new Hellfire Club members in the beach of Krakoa freshly murdering a puffin. Turns out the Cuckoos have been messing with Wilhelmina’s mind ever since the Marauders and the Quiet Council crossed paths with the new upstart Hellfire Club. Since then, they have been tampering with her mind and making her see the errors of what she’s done including murdering her own mother in the past and inheriting her fortune.

Remember in Jason Aaron’s X-Men run, he introduced a new version of the Hellfire Club who initially antagonized Wolverine’s Jean Grey School for the Gifted.

With the new Dawn of X banner though, these kids have leveled up with their plan to get rid of the mutants and they are sponsoring anti-mutant terrorists to hunt and kill mutants before Kitty Pryde can save them and bring them back to Krakoa.

And after the Hellfire Gala, it looks like the mind of Wilhemina has snapped due to all the bad stuff she’s made to remember and suffer thanks to the Cuckoos’ psychic tampering. Its also revealed that the young girl has actually been a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her father who abandoned her and her mother sometime later. And when the Cuckoos discover this fact, they do a quick scan to find Wilhelmina’s father in London and ask her to join them with the clear intent of exacting revenge for what he’s done to her.

Meanwhile Charles Xavier and Emma Frost discuss Sebastian Shaw’s request of speeding up the resurrection of his former lover Lourdes Chantal who was a mutant teleporter. Thing is Xavier discovered that Emma faked her death to set her free from the violent hands of Shaw.

Emma made Hellfire Club Inner Circle members Sebastian Shaw and Harry Leland see Chantel’s death at the hands of Stephen Lang’s first Sentinel which he debuted back when the Inner Circle threw Hellfire Galas with their human benefactors. This “death” prompted Leland and Shaw to destroy the Sentinel as well as all the humans in attendance.

As to what happened to Chantel, its revealed that she’s alive and got a bit of support in New York City after Frost introduced her to The Kingpin aka Wilson Fisk. However, Fisk did not want to use Chantel’s services but instead agreed to Frost’s demands provided she will come whenever he needs her hand in some matters.

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