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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger review (Episode 1 to 4)

It’s been awhile since I sat down and watched a super Sentai show so now I’m back and I’m starting with the current show which is Zenkaiger. Here’s my Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger review for episode 1 to 4.

So here we are, 45 years of super Sentai and once again, we are doing an anniversary season with the intention of having a team that taps on the rich history of Super Sentai in Japan. Just like Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, we have a new way of transforming, got some new mech designs and, in a very ballsy move, the main core team members are mechs based on past Sentai teams namely Zyuranger, Gaoranger, Magiranger and Boukenger.

Kyuranger already explored the concept of having non-human characters transforming and Zenkaiger clearly took this to the next level by having just one main human character and the four other members of the team be people in rubber suits. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first also but they certainly are the freshest and I actually loved it. At first I was skeptical but watching the first few episodes made me realize that it made the story a lot more fun.

New lead star here is Zenkaiger aka Kaito Goshikida played by Kiita Komagine. He’s written as this ultra-positive and very optimistic guy whose parents mysteriously disappear after discovering new worlds. So he’s not so scared when the sky goes purple and the Kikai or mechanoid sentient beings suddenly pop out of nowhere.

Episode 1 had good pacing finding a way to introduce the MC, the second member of the team Zyuran, we get our first taste of the series long mystery of the Kikai and what happened to Kaito’s parents and the basics of their transformation. Episode 1 also showed how well Super Sentai had evolved in terms of production. I mean they did Zyuohger here and the camera work was quite impressive.

Episodes 2 to 4 have great comedy too allowing characters to show their quirks and endearing qualities. Gaon for example is borderline annoying but a damn racist (too hard a term?). Magine is shy and all that but talk trash about her hobby and you’ll get an earful. Both of these would be hopefully revisited in upcoming episodes. Oh and there’s a bit of continuity here are Zyuran knows Magine and he know’s she’s a shy girl. Great to see the red guy acting like a big brother to other members of the team.

The zord/ mech combination is also interesting. Rather than calling a mechanized creature to go into battle, its the actual members of the team that transforms. Zyuran turns into T-Rex reminiscent of Zyuranger, Gaon is a tiger very similar to Gaorangers and so on and so forth. ZenkaiOh is such a treat to watch.

Gattai ZenkaiOh

The first few episodes are fun whether its the physical comedy as well as the dialogue and even interactions. I remember the sheer humor and so many questions that Kaito had about Goggle V’s signature weapons, those damn ribbons, and how he’s surprised that these ribbons can be weaponized while hoping to take down Mushroom world right there and then.

The first few episodes of Zenkaiger is already painting how they would be referencing the past Super Sentai which is very different from how Gokaigers did it 10 years ago. But there’s also a lot of similarities like having so many discs that they use to use in combat situations based on past Sentai teams. Plus the Geartlinger also looks cool.

Zenkaiger Geartlinger

Verdict – I liked these first few episodes and if I’m to judge my next actions based on the first four episodes, I’m definitely watching more episodes as they get released. The mystery and big plot lines are still being realigned right now but we already know what they are all gunning for. If there’s anything, I’d like Kaito’s mom and dad to be rangers as well or former rangers who have given their powers to a younger generation.

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